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About Us


Chomp Chomp defines a unique Pacific Northwest experience inspired by the Japanese Northwest. Enjoy a comfortable atmosphere and gently expand your culinary horizons while enjoying an excellent selection of local and Japanese craft brews, excellent "traditional" cocktails as well as mixology inspired by Japanese aromatics and citrus. Delight yourself with delectable Kushiyaki and Kushiage fare during the day that pairs well with our signature cocktails, and in the evening be astounded by an exciting dinner menu bringing the best of the Northwest from two countries.

Chomp Chomp is not another Asian restaurant. It's a place where you're like family, where you can come eat or drink and say "Wow! I didn't know that even existed and it was GREAT!"

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Starters, Small Plates & Sides

Yakitori Skewer Plate

Great for sharing! Our skewers are grilled by hand on our specialty Yakitori grill. A lot of love, protein, flavor, little kick of charcoal and nothing else. 5 skewers per order with a side of rice, house-made kimchi and miso broth. 

  • Steak

  • Chicken Breast

  • Shitake Mushroom

  • Tofu

Chomp House Cheese Dip w/ Wonton Chips

Our house-made, four pickled peppers are mixed into a five cheese blend, topped with a Panko sesame rust and baked until golden, served with crispy wonton chips.

A Chomp Chomp twist on chips and dip!

Small Plates & Sides 

Edamame (spicy or salted)

Chomp Fries

House Kimchi

Side Salad


Japan Northwest

Our Ramen

The hearty flavors of this authentic ramen will make you think we cheated. Served with garlic fried cabbage, nori, oyster mushrooms, a soft-boiled egg, local pork belly & topped with scallions and sunflower microgreens.

  • Sub Chicken or Tofu upon request

  • Vegetarian Miso option available

Ahi Poke Bowl 

Marinated Ahi accompanied by a medley of julienned carrots, nori, and red radish, served with house-fermented kimchi and avocado slices over a bed of sushi rice, garnished with sunflower microgreens.

All Mighty Gyudon GF

This Tokyo inspired dish is thinly sliced sirloin over rice, a perfectly fried egg, pickled ginger, oyster mushrooms, scallions & sesame seeds with a secret broth.


A light dusting of secret herbs and spices, added to our Carlton Farms pork chops and quickly fried to perfection. Served with an arugula salad, rice & kimchi. Crispy, tender and delicious.


A spin off traditional Okonomiyaki topped with our finest noodles, braised pork belly, fresh shaved cabbage, egg. Served with Chomp Chomp mayonnaise and our secret sauce.

Karaage (Kara-Ge) gluten free

Best fried chicken ever. We take tasty bits from locally raised chickens and dust them in a very fine coating, with our house-made fry sauce. Can you say no?

  • Substitute Pork Belly

  • Substitute Tofu

Pacific Northwest

Honey Dijon Steak Salad GF​

Tangy pepper marinated skirt steak grilled and served over arugula and cabbage mix with diced apples, candied pecans, craisins and drizzled with a honey dijon dressing. 

Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Crispy fried chicken breast topped with a fresh apple slaw and a house-made spicy mayo. Paired with a side of kimchi and fries.

Sticky Short Ribs

Crispy Short Ribs slow-cooked to delectable tenderness, tossed in our signature Sticky Sauce, served over a bed of rice and house-fermented kimchi.

Chomp Burger w/ Fries

Northwest sourced grass-fed beef, brioche sesame bun, our Okonomiyaki sauce and house pickles, with kimchi and Chomp Fries on the side.

  • Add Bacon

  • Add Cheddar Cheese 

Chomp Fries vegan 

These crispy house cut fries stand out from the rest and will keep you coming back for more and more. Topped with our signature Japanese blend of herbs and spices with house-made fry sauce.

Sticky Wings gluten free

These one of a kind marinated chicken wings are tossed in a sauce that’s savory, a little spicy and a little sweet. Sounds like a lot but you’ll see why. .

Asian Chopped Salad vegan

A delicious bed of cabbage & mixed greens topped with shredded carrots, cashews, cherry tomato, avocado, green onion, and crispy wonton strips. Your choice of apple ginger vinaigrette or lemon sesame vinaigrette.

  • Add chicken

Crispy Brussel Sprouts vegan

Flash fried brussels tossed in Lemon Sesame topped with our spicy pickled carrots and crispy yucca strips. Brussel sprouts CAN be good!

  • Add pork belly

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